Q? Why the new look?
A. At Amy & Brian, it’s all about family. As other members of the family became involved, we took the opportunity to refresh and enliven our design bringing about a younger and more exciting modern feel. Having been a pioneer in the US coconut water market, we felt it was time to align ourselves with the increase in consumer knowledge regarding this product.

Q? Why should I drink coconut water?
A. Coconut water is loaded with naturally occurring electrolytes such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus with no cholesterol or fat. This makes it great for helping with hydration and keeping us alive. It’s tremendously refreshing after exercising and frankly, any time of day. In fact, it’s often been called the tree of life and during World War II, when saline solution was in short supply was used as an IV.

Q? What makes Amy & Brian different from other brands of coconut water?
A. Our products are 100% natural and never from concentrate. We never compromise on quality and work hard to maintain the best flavor profile. Being family owned and operated, we would never put out something we wouldn’t put on our own dinner table. We continuously strive to be better in all that we do and put out the best tasting product at a competitive cost. We are family first and care about our well-being. In short, we offer the best taste at the right price.

Q? What is the difference between coconut juice and coconut water?
A. Put simply, nothing. Amy & Brian coconut juice is the water from young coconuts. There is no difference. It’s simply a word translation thing. In Thailand, where our coconut water is from, it’s called Na Maphraw. Na is equally used for water as in na maphraw and juice as in na frang (guava juice).

Q? What is the difference between coconut water and coconut milk?
A. Coconut water is the natural clear liquid found inside a coconut whereas coconut milk is a thicker white substance made by using the pulp often used for cooking.

Q? What is the difference between coconut water from Thailand and other areas?
A. The primary difference is the taste. Because of the species and climate, Thai coconuts produce a sweeter more flavorful water than those found in other areas such as Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Q? Are your cans BPA-free?
A. Yes. Both our 17.5oz steel tin cans and smaller 10oz aluminum cans and lining are BPA-free. In addition, they are fully recyclable and offer a longer shelf life than other containers such as Tetra Pak or PET Bottles.

Q? Are your products pasteurized?
A. Yes. As is common in many foods and drinks, we flash pasteurize our products for safety, killing harmful microbes and bacteria while maintaining the flavor and nutritional value.

Q? Are your products non-GMO?
A. Yes. They are non-GMO verified. See more here.

Q? How long does it stay fresh after opening?
A. We recommend refrigerating it and consuming within 3 days for better taste.

Q? Why does your 10oz can taste different from your 17.5oz can?
A. Being all natural, there are small variations in flavor and taste depending on the coconut species and growing region. Our 10oz can is made in a different region than our 17.5oz. However, we think both are excellent and each consumer has their own preference. Try for yourself and let us know.