Amy & Brian Ambassador Program

Amy & Brian Naturals believes in championing individuals committed to living passionately, embracing family, building community, pushing limits, and following dreams – truly bringing the “Be Better” philosophy to life. The Amy & Brian Ambassador Program identifies dynamic individuals who live with energy, creativity, and passion while inspiring those around them. From athletes to musicians, Amy & Brian Naturals believes in creating community and promoting the desire and effort to “Be Better”.

Jared Dudley

A beloved NBA basketball player known for his three point shot, Jared has become an inspiration for many athletes though his healthy eating lifestyle and dedicated basketball career. He recently conducted a summer camp for high school boys, inspiring them to “be better” by improving their basketball skills and learning healthy habits.

“I love Amy & Brian’s coconut water because it’s refreshing and helps hydrate and fuel me. As a pro athlete I need to put the best in my body so that I can get the best out of it. It’s my favorite brand of coconut water because it’s an all natural product. It allows me to “Be Better” on and off the court. On the court I am able to perform at a high level because Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water provides me with all the nutrients I need to while in action.”

Watch the Amy & Brian and Jared Dudley “Be Better” at 2014 Camp of Opportunity video on YouTube.


Chantae McMillan

An Olympic heptathlete, Chantae qualified to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London after just four months of training and rehabilitation after nearly rupturing her patellar-tendon. She loves interacting with fans, passing along knowledge and passion about the seven events that make up the sport she loves.

“I love Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water because I know that right when I open up that can to drink, that I am going to be as close to drinking out of a real coconut as possible because their coconut juice is one ingredient, young coconut water. As an athlete, I need to know what I am putting into my body because my body is my career. With Amy & Brian’s Coconut Juice, I can always be comfortable drinking their product to be the best I can be.”


Carly Wilson

Native to Santa Cruz, Wilson began competitively surfing in high school before attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa and competing in her first ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) at Pipeline. She aims to “be better” both in her educational pursuit to research and enhance sustainable food systems as well as her passion for surfing and playing in the outdoors.

“Along with drinking it straight from the can every morning and right after an exhausting surf session, I enjoy adding Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water into my green smoothies! I also get creative and cook my rice and quinoa in their coconut water. I love Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water because not only is it sweeter (and the best in my opinion) than all the other brands, but it is a pure and natural alternative to other drinks in order to hydrate after a workout; doesn’t contain any of the junk that many of the other popular sports drinks contain. Surfing in the sun and salty ocean constantly drains me and I need to rehydrate with electrolytes!”


Georgi Karakhanyan

Born in Russia and now an American citizen, Georgi is a skilled mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, competing in the featherweight division as part of Bellator.

“Every day I wake up, I try to be a better fighter than I was yesterday.”


Nate Frazier

Natural athlete, Nate Frazier, competes in both road cycling and speed skating, ensuring that he’s constantly aiming for new personal records. Recently Nate won the Junior Division Michigan State Championship Time Trial in road cycling, after a successful speedskating season in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Nate is determined to finish in the top five next year so he can make the US World Junior Team. Through his pursuit of these passions, Nate embodies the Be Better campaign as he continues to challenge and improve himself.

“I enjoy Amy & Brian’s coconut water cold and straight from the can after a workout session or competition. It’s a great recovery drink and is super tasty!”


Matt Irie

Through a fusion of Reggae, Hip Hop, Acoustic and Blues, Irie strives to spread peace and acceptance through his music and by connecting with his fans. He recently returned from an extremely active performing year, gaining recognition among Surf Roots, Reggae, and Acoustic music realms.

“In the morning, I enjoy my Amy & Brian’s Natural Coconut Water mixed with a hint of Kale, diced pineapples, peaches, a splash of lime juice, and a dash of ginger. It’s my idea of an ‘Irie Sunrise!’ I enjoy the refreshing taste of Amy & Brian’s for breakfast as much as I enjoy it before and after gigs on show nights!”


LaShawn Merritt

U.S. Olympic Track and Field Champion, LaShawn, is a natural athlete and has competed in a variety of sports since the age of 6. His love for running emerged when he recognized what his individual persistence could achieve. This determination paid off with World Championship wins and LaShawn regularly speaks to schools in his community, demonstrating to local youth what  a positive attitude and hard work can accomplish.

“I recognize the gift that I’m blessed with and I understand the outcomes if I put my all into it. When I’m feeling lazy or tired, knowing what I’m capable of achieving keeps me motivated to keep going.”