Jared Dudley

A beloved NBA basketball player known for his three point shot, Jared has become an inspiration for many athletes though his healthy eating lifestyle and dedicated basketball career. He recently conducted a summer camp for high school boys, inspiring them to “be better” by improving their basketball skills and learning healthy habits.

“I love Amy & Brian’s coconut water because it’s refreshing and helps hydrate and fuel me. As a pro athlete I need to put the best in my body so that I can get the best out of it. It’s my favorite brand of coconut water because it’s an all natural product. It allows me to “Be Better” on and off the court. On the court I am able to perform at a high level because Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water provides me with all the nutrients I need to while in action.”

Watch the Amy & Brian and Jared Dudley “Be Better” at 2014 Camp of Opportunity video on YouTube.

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