Carly Wilson

Native to Santa Cruz, Wilson began competitively surfing in high school before attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa and competing in her first ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) at Pipeline. She aims to “be better” both in her educational pursuit to research and enhance sustainable food systems as well as her passion for surfing and playing in the outdoors.

“Along with drinking it straight from the can every morning and right after an exhausting surf session, I enjoy adding Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water into my green smoothies! I also get creative and cook my rice and quinoa in their coconut water. I love Amy & Brian’s Coconut Water because not only is it sweeter (and the best in my opinion) than all the other brands, but it is a pure and natural alternative to other drinks in order to hydrate after a workout; doesn’t contain any of the junk that many of the other popular sports drinks contain. Surfing in the sun and salty ocean constantly drains me and I need to rehydrate with electrolytes!”

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